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TCA Peel

Service Description

TCA benefits: Anti-wrinkle, firming, depigmentation, healing, anti-aging TCA peel with encapsulated hydrogen peroxide is one of the most innovative and advanced peels. It has a powerful lifting action, being very efficient treatment for aging or mature skin. Results of using this product are visible from the very first application, especially for wrinkle reduction and flaccidity. This peel is a powerful antioxidant and also acts as a skin whitening which evens the skin tone. AP TCA Peel: Lifting and firming effect, Anti- ageing, Skin rejuvenation, Stretch marks, Scars and acne scars reduction, Reduces wrinkles Against pigmentation problems, the AP TCA peel allows a natural whitening to eliminate hyperpigmentation spots on the epidermis. Its formula was designed not to affect the top layer of the skin. A non-photosensitive product, it can be applied during the day and can be exposed to UV without any problems. This peel is also a skin stimulant. It erases slight scars and unsightly traces left by acne.

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